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Bitcoin's Largest Multisig
Unlocking Possibilities

Capturing Bitcoin's community's imagination, Smart Vaults is leading an initiative to create Bitcoin's largest multisig account and get it certified by the Guinness World Record. This is a testament to the custody evolution of Bitcoin.

A Shift in Secure Storage Dynamics


With the rise of digital assets ownership and the persistent failure of custodians, holders feel trapped between the risks of third-party custody and the complexities of self-custody. The multisig approach, in which multiple co-signers must validate a transaction, opens a new option: distributing custody among people you trust. Smart Vaults takes multisig accounts to a new level by making the power of miniscript accessible. 

Empowering the Community

This is not a PR stunt. We believe smart, collaborative Bitcoin is the way. Funds donated to the account will be sent to a reputable charity that promotes freedom via Bitcoin. Who will decide which charity? The community.

Elevating Multisig to New Heights

Join us on the waiting list to be part of Bitcoin world's largest multisig and have your name recorded in Bitcoin's history. This record will help us share the message that collaborative custody with miniscript makes Bitcoin safer to hold, easier to recover and unlocks powerful use cases.


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