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Bitcoin’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet

Smart Vaults wallet is your gateway to unlocking the full potential of Bitcoin security. Easily create secure and recoverable vaults using our built-in templates for the most common use cases. Smart Vaults is built on bitcoin miniscript, trust bitcoin, not us.
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Set up collaborative custody

Collaborative Bitcoin Custody

Smart Vault shines when multiple users participate in a vault with their own private key, effectively co-managing it. Participants get push notifications of spending proposals, approvals, and finalized transactions - keeping them informed and enabling them to promptly take action when required.


Convenience in your pocket

From vault creation to signature orchestration. Everything can be done on-the-go.

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For Businesses

Businesses can capture their business rules into vaults and leverage our mobile application. Smart Vaults also offers institutional co-management.


Key-agents welcome

With Smart Vaults, bitcoin advisors and key agents can provide their customers with comprehensive custody and inheritance solutions.

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  • Can I self-host Smart Vaults for my community of users?
    Yes, you can run the Smart Vaults desktop app with a Nostr relay and Bitcoin node.
  • Who should be a key agent?
    Key agents may be institutions, community leaders, financial advisors, or security enthusiasts.
  • How can key agents communicate with users?
    Vault participants can communicate in-app via encrypted chat, including invited non-key holder watchers.
  • What is an example offering?
    A key agent could offer per signature fee of $150 that includes a videoconference verification before the agent signs the transaction. Additionally, the key agent could charge 0.2% per year on the bitcoin held in the vault. Smart Vaults supports a special transaction type that auto-calculates the fees for the key agent and orchestrates the proposals, optimizing for low-chain-fee time periods.
  • Why would I want to be a key agent?
    Key agency is a service that can be monetized, either charging by signature or as a percentage of the assets being collaboratively held. Smart Vaults makes it easy for key agents to specify and execute their offerings.
  • Is a key agent a custodian?
    A key agent does not have full control over any client’s bitcoin. Vault builders should carefully select the key agents to diversify across organizations, jurisdictions, technology types, and other criteria appropriate for the situation.
  • Who are the key agents available on Smart Vaults?
    Smart Vaults supports community key agents and verified key agents. Verified key agents have performed KYC checks and have been vetted for security by Smart Vaults. Users are always encouraged to know their key agents, do their own due diligence, and make wise choices. Smart Vaults is not responsible for key agent performance.
  • How is my privacy protected as a key agent?
    Key agents may share whatever level of detail they wish on their public profile and key offerings, including price. They may provide contact information and social links. All fields are optional to support anonymous key agents. Once part of a vault, all vault metadata, proposals, and communications are end-to-end encrypted.
  • What do I need to be a key agent?
    Decide your offerings. If you want to support long term storage of bitcoin, we recommend getting a Coldcard and charging for your service in basis points of the bitcoin per year. If you want to support shorter-term, faster moving bitcoin, you could use our mobile app as the signer and charge an amount per signature. Or both offerings. Smart Vaults also supports flat rates per year and allows you to charge in USD or sats.
  • How difficult is it to be a key agent?
    The most important elements of key agency are reputation and security. Your clients must trust you to serve as a cosigner in alignment to your terms. You must secure the private key. Smart Vaults supports flexible configurations for Coldcard, iOS hot wallet, desktop, cloud-based, or proprietary/undisclosed signer technology.
  • How can I become a Smart Vaults Verified key agent?

About Us

We are a blockchain development team focused on solving high-value problems for users. We believe Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology and will have a significant impact in people's lives and the global economy.

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