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Bitcoin’s Most Powerful Smart Wallet.

Determine who, how, and when your Bitcoin can be accessed - improving its safety, recoverability, and unlocking new use cases.
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Collaborative Bitcoin Custody

Smart Vault shines when multiple users participate in a vault with their own private key, effectively co-managing it. Participants get push notifications of spending proposals, approvals, and finalized transactions - keeping them informed and enabling them to promptly take action when required.

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Convenience in your pocket

From vault creation, to signature orchestration. Everything can be done on-the-go.


For Businesses

Businesses can capture their business rules into vaults and leverage our mobile application. Smart Vaults also offers institutional co-management.


Worlds Largest Multisig Wallet

Smart Vaults is creating the world's largest Bitcoin multisig with people like you. Be a part of Bitcoin's history.

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About Us

We are a blockchain development team focused on solving high-value problems for users. We believe Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology and will have a significant impact in people's lives and the global economy.

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